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Embattled as we are, we sound retreat Sometimes we need a respite from the storm To step away is not to cry defeat Embattled as we are, we sound retreat To solitude, to quiet oh-so-sweet To limestone that the sun has warmed Embattled as we… Continue Reading “Threshold”


Y is for Yarn. Jennifer Trafton Peterson taught me to crochet at Laity Lodge. Every time her husband announced the crocheting time and place, he called it knitting. This is how I felt.Not really. It just made me laugh. He was close — it… Continue Reading “Yarn”


W is for Wound. Flannery O’Connor said, “Grace must wound before it can heal.” I scribbled those words in my notes during one Flannery O talk given by Dr. Ralph Wood at Laity Lodge. If I can grasp that concept, I think I’ll be… Continue Reading “Wound”


V is for Vulture. We’re getting to the end of this alphabet challenge and I’m starting to feel punchy. I thought about posting my picture taken at Laity Lodge of a turkey vulture and then accompanying it with vulture jokes. But when I started looking… Continue Reading “Vulture”


U is for Unexpected. I got a text last night with no name, just the following message: “It’s Thursday. Doing my drive-by. Love your stalker.” Crap, I thought. Has Joan Jackson resorted to driving by and texting me? I have my posse of good-deed… Continue Reading “Unexpected”


T is for Threshold. Since I had been to Laity Lodge the previous year, I knew where to head as soon as I arrived.  A place called Threshold. Last year I spent a lot of time inside Threshold. I sat on the cold stone… Continue Reading “Threshold”


S is for Society. Maybe society isn’t the right word. At Laity Lodge, though, we were cut off from society. My car companions were laughing about how friends and family were shocked that they wouldn’t be able to keep up with March Madness while… Continue Reading “Society”


R is for Reading. I spent some time at Laity Lodge with Corrie ten Boom. The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries. Rene Descartes

Qu’est-ce que

Q is for Qu’est-ce que. Dr. Ralph Woods stopped me one day at Laity Lodge. “I’ve noticed you,” he said. Noticed me? I thought. Me? Short of wearing camo, I do my best to blend in with my surroundings. He continued. “You’re very attentive… Continue Reading “Qu’est-ce que”


P is for Prayer. Before my trip, with the Lenten season on my mind, I wrote a Collect for Laity Lodge. To the God of Silence — Speak to me in whispers in gentle breezes in birdsong in the laughter of running water and… Continue Reading “Prayer”