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O is for Obscurity. Jill Phillips gave a devotion one morning at Laity Lodge and spoke about the book Forgotten Among the Lilies by Ron Rolheiser, a Catholic theologian. Rolheiser talks about “The Martyrdom of Obscurity”, saying that ordinary life is enough. The human… Continue Reading “Obscurity”


N is for Niggle, the main character in Leaf by Niggle, a short story by J. R. R. Tolkien. Recommended reading for the retreat at Laity Lodge, I read it on my way there. At LaGuardia. I’ve always loved the word “niggle”. Niggles are… Continue Reading “Niggle”


M is for multiple things. Like Monticello.  That’s where the bus broke down. It’s so easy to mentally go back to those broken down places. But M is also for Moving  On.  It may be easy to go back, but it’s also important to… Continue Reading “Magnificent”

Love in Action

L is for Love in Action. Well did Monty Python choose a rabbit — the Rabbit of Caerbannog — to protect. The retreat at Laity Lodge was put on by the Rabbit Room, an online community modeled after Lewis and Tolkien’s Inkling community that… Continue Reading “Love in Action”


J is for Journey. The bigger story of our lives is constantly being retold is smaller stories every day. For example, my journey to Laity Lodge was series of steps which I could break down thus: Car ride to Binghamton Bus trip to NYC… Continue Reading “Journey”


J is for Jonathan, Jonathan Rogers, to be exact. Jonathan Rogers is a writer, speaker, teacher, and Flannery O’Connor expert. For whatever reason, I am prone to say the most awful things to him — insults and degradations. Like this past fall, when I… Continue Reading “Jonathan”


I is for the Inklings. Ralph Wood, in his first talk at Laity Lodge, spoke about the Inklings, that group of men who met in an English pub to discuss life and literature, and whose best-known members were C. S. Lewis and J. R.… Continue Reading “Inklings”


H is for Hike. Henri Nouwen said, “Friendship has always belonged to the core of my spiritual journey.” Friendship is the core of almost any journey — and it was true of my hike at Laity Lodge. I know that I already mentioned the… Continue Reading “Hike”

The Good Guide

G is for Flannery O’Connor’s story that wasn’t called “The Good Guide.” That’s not a typo. She wrote a story called “The Artificial N——” — I can’t even bring myself to type the word — and her editor pleaded with her to change the… Continue Reading “The Good Guide”

Frio River

F is for Frio — as in the Frio River. Every time I think about Laity Lodge and the Frio River, these words scroll across my mind – A river runs through it. Because a river runs through the canyon and is such an… Continue Reading “Frio River”