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Y is for Yarn.

Jennifer Trafton Peterson taught me to crochet at Laity Lodge.

Every time her husband announced the crocheting time and place, he called it knitting.

This is how I felt.Not really.

It just made me laugh. He was close — it had something to do with yarn.

I once had a friend teach me to knit. I completed one mitten. One very lonely mitten.

IMG_6304[1]Jennifer taught me to crochet and I’ve completed nothing.

It still takes too much focus when I crochet for it to be relaxing.

And that’s what I was going for — relaxing.

But my hands start cramping up.

And my handiwork looks uneven.

And my eyes start complaining.

So I walk the dog instead.

Now that is relaxing.

I like to walk Maggie


4 thoughts on “Yarn

  1. Maggie is cute!!! And lol, omg I love that baby image!!! Nobody knows what crochet is xD but somehow everyone knows about knitting.
    Takes a lot of practice & frustration before it gets relaxing, but it can be, I promise, lol.

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