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X is for , the Roman numeral ten.

Ten sentences from my scribbly notes from Dr. Wood at Laity Lodge.

— The highest work of art will form an echo of the gospel.

— God alone creates. We sub-create — taking what God has created and using it to re-create.

— We are all artists putting together a great work of art called OUR LIVES.

— What is the lie that Satan is telling me that keeps me from fulfilling God’s plan for me as a sub-creator?

— Friendship unites and sustains.

— Alone-ness is both a necessity and a great danger.

— If you adopt the strategies of the enemy, you become the enemy.

— The deepest injuries come out of broken friendships.

— Even the most corrupted heart still longs for God.

— In defeat lies hope.


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    1. You’re right! When he read actual quotes, I tried to put them in quotes in my notes and mention the original author. This was by itself, so who knows?

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