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Vodka and Ho-hos

Last week I attended a dementia care conference with Helen. The conference was informative, but quite honestly, for me, the day was more about spending time with my daughter than about going to a conference. Helen is excited about pursuing something in nursing that… Continue Reading “Vodka and Ho-hos”

E is for Eggs

Every Sunday morning I fix two over-easy eggs and a piece of toast for my father. ¬†When I set the plate down in front of him, his eyes light up. “Oh! Eggs!” he exclaims, clearly delighted. For the longest time, he had been eating… Continue Reading “E is for Eggs”

A is for Army

My father served in the United States Army. I don’t think he would ever begin the story of his life at this point, but this is an alphabetical telling, not chronological. Plus, I was born during the Army years, so I suppose it’s a… Continue Reading “A is for Army”


Q: How many stories can I eke out of one bus trip? A: This is the last one. I think. When I began the trip, I was determined to have writer’s eyes and ears, paying attention to the details and scribbling them down. Once… Continue Reading “Assistance”