9 thoughts on “Benefit Breakfast

    1. I didn’t, but there were a ton of people there. You know how it is — everyone in the community turns out.

    1. Crepes… pancakes… basically the same, right?

      Thank you for the nomination. I’m, of course, honored, but I don’t usually take part in awards.

      1. Hi Sally. Yes, crepes and pancakes are sort of the same, but crepes are much thinner. I serve my crepes with various toppings: cinnamon and sugar, jams, fresh berries with whipped cream, lemon juice and sugar, and sometimes Nutella. Yum!

      2. Fresh berries and whipped cream — that sounds amazing. We usually use good old maple syrup — locally produced sticky sweetness.

      3. I love maple syrup too, but usually only use it on regular pancakes and on waffles. My hubby is such a berry lover that we add berries to everything.

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