You city folks may not understand this
But I love the days when I step outside, and
With one breath I know they’re
Spreading manure down the road

The smell is rich and rank
No pretense about manure
That’s fer sure

City smells bother me
Exhaust and exhaustion
Mingled with too many people
And not enough sky

Rain on concrete
Smells like waste
But rain on manure
Smells like hope

Daily prompt: lifestyle

10 Comments on “Manure

  1. Rain on manure smells like hope…it’s true and a great last sentence. Enjoyed this…

  2. Manure? Well, yes, I guess I agree. There is more hope in the life that manure has the potential to provide – that’s fer sure. 🙂

  3. I went to college in Greeley, Colorado. We had a very large feedlot near the campus. Every spring they would spread manure all over the campus as fertilizer. One of the things that made college so interesting!

  4. This poem made me a little weepy. I wasn’t expecting it. Perhaps the day on which I read it, but thank you regardless.

  5. Oh my word. You just won Favourite Poem Award (says me). I love this.

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