F is for Family

The background is from Mother Night by Denys Cazet.

The family is from Wheels on the Bus (a Raffi Song to Read book) illustrated by Sylvie Kantorovitz Wickstrom.

I love the way this picture turned out. The family is the point of light in a dark world.

The question is, are they coming or going? Are they refugees fleeing a greater darkness? Or are they arriving home after a long journey?

Whichever it is, I see them pausing to look at their house.

In statistics, an outlier is an observation point that is distant from other observations.

I don’t think of my little family as outliers, though. I think of them as looking at home.


12 thoughts on “F is for Family

  1. Sally, hello, so glad I clicked on your link. It is like Russian Roulette clicking on A to Z links, not always knowing what theme you are going to discover. But I like your subject and agree with the possibilities. After chasing weekly photo fiction prompts for over four years I cannot stop my story-loving mind from concocting a tale to go with any photo.

    I am laying out the plot of a new historical fiction novel over my 26 A to Z posts. I’d love to have you stop by.

    The Steel Horse Saviors is a story about three civil war veterans who head west in 1866 with their Steam Locomotive to seek their fortune. They encounter a beautiful redhead trying desperately to save her family business that threatens to complicate their plan to escape their past.

    Joe @ the Fiction Playground visiting from the A to Z Challenge

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