Almost Lost

True story: A little over a week ago, I did the high ropes course with my daughter Mary. I had done it two years ago with friend/co-worker and had a lot of fun. This go-round, I was definitely weaker. My upper body muscle soreness in the days that followed bore witness to that.

Anyway, I had this one little serendipitous moment while on the course the other night. Mary and I were unclipping and clipping our carabineers from one cable to another after we had completed one element and were getting ready to start another. Suddenly I realized that my necklace was gone.

Now this necklace had been given to me over 8 years ago by one of my daughters. I have worn it nearly every day since. To say that it’s a favorite piece of jewelry would be a gross understatement. Stamped on those discs are the names of all my children.

So Mary and I are standing I-don’t-know-how-many feet above the ground and I realized my necklace was gone. I held my hand against my chest, just below my throat, right about where the pendant would have rested and tried to calm myself.

Breathe…. Breathe…. It’s okay…. it’s just a necklace….. it’s okay….. breathe…..

Then I looked down. See that kind of flat surface with cables and stuff screwed into it?

Yeah, well, my necklace was there. All neat and tidy like someone had gently placed it on the wooden “shelf”. The chain wasn’t broken. The clasp wasn’t broken it. It was just waiting for me.

I can’t explain it and I’m not even going to try to. I’m just grateful.

I found an art challenge today called Tic-Tac-Toe. The idea is that one of the artists sets up a grid with nine art elements and over the course of a week, you create a piece using three of those elements that appear in a row.

Here’s this week’s grid:

I decided to give it a try using Green-Metallic Elements-Use Shapes.

  • Green — that was the easy part.
  • I had a broken chain from my necklace that I had saved to use someday in a collage. A necklace is metallic, right?
  • The artist for the tree I cut out had drawn star-shaped leaves so I cut out some more star-shaped leaves covering over hers.

Thus I created a riff on the story of losing a necklace in a precarious place.

What do you think?

collage · poetry


My mind’s a scattered mess
Errant thoughts I cannot catch
Direct result of stress
I deeply breathe — attach
This diffuse excess
As if herding butterflies
To scented blooms of peace
I deeply breathe — and sighs
Open me — I cease
Needing order. Chaos dies.

This was much harder than I thought!

The challenge was to write an acrostic poem using one of five words: Discipline, Meditation, Enthusiasm, Tumult, or Trouble.

My poetry muscles are weak.

I just started working out with weights again at the gym. Some of my flesh-and-blood muscles are SO SORE. Thank goodness my brain doesn’t hurt the same way 🙂

I realize this collage is not terribly meditative, but I was looking through my photos for one of a butterfly and found this collage that I made years ago. It made me laugh.


Snowglobe Philosophy

I saw the elementary art classes’ snow globes at the library.

“Ooh,” I said to my daughter, “I may just have to make a snowglobe collage when we get home.”

Now, looking at the photo I took this afternoon, I wished I had studied it just a little before diving into my own snowglobe. Truthfully, at the art gallery, we had spent more time studying the bees and their hexagons,

And some of the chameleons.

I wish I had pursued art a little more when I was in school. I think no one encouraged me. The kids that were good at art seemed naturally good at art, just like those who were good at writing were good at writing.

Now I just muck around with collages. Here’s my snowglobe:

I put a brave little girl in it. I should have put more flowers or bugs or something floating around.

“I’m not sure I like this,” I said to my daughter. “I don’t know what it means.”

“It means we’re all looking a life through our own little snowglobe,” she said.

“I suppose,” I replied. “But we think we’re being brave when really we aren’t. We’re untouchable. Maybe we’re even totally unaware of the connections that could be possible if we just stepped out.”

We both stared at it in silence.

“Nah,” we both said, and laughed.

collage · Life

Puss and Boots

What happens when you look at a bunch of different prompts for the day? You end up with some dumb jokes and an overcrowded collage.

Doodlewash art prompt: Boots
What do you do with someone who can’t learn to tie their shoelaces?
Send them to boot camp.

Your Daily Word Prompt: Restore
I read about a temple for a giant sea cow.
My faith in huge manatee has been restored.

Word of the Day Challenge: Accumulate
When women reach a certain age, they start accumulating cats.
This is known as many-paws.

I went to work at 6 AM. Sometime in the afternoon, I noticed I had two different shoes on. Same shoe brand, but one is leather and one isn’t. I wore them all day. Still have them on. It’s been that kind of day.



I don’t care who you are, the pressure is on to go to the next task immediately. What happened to the days of hanging out in the hammock all afternoon?

James Brolin