Walk around the barn with me.

The side facing the road is red, the traditional color of many barns. My mother painted the Peace Dove around 40 years ago on a sheet of plywood. Bud found it in the barn this fall and decided to hang it for the holidays.


The northern side bears remnants of the red. Also a few broken windows.


And a tree with a cool twisty trunk.img_1080-1

The messy back side is a mish-mash of red, green (discolored plywood), and black, where the silo used to stand.


Here is what remains of the old silo — metal bands and wooden staves becoming one with the earth.


The southern side is all gray, discolored in the one corner where a truck cap leaned against it for years.


I think this side is the prettiest.

I took a picture of it during the summer just because I liked the way it looked.


It’s lovely, don’t you think?

Exposure to the elements and weather brings about changes — like the trials in our lives. We end up with some scars and a few broken parts.

But if we lean in, we might find some beauty there.


7 Comments on “Weathered

  1. The remains of the silo- both its impression against the wall and the physical stuff on the ground- strike me especially; nature doesn’t take long to reclaim.

  2. I agree. I love that pic. In one picture you captured history, intrigue, delights of fancy, and a touch of romance. Pretty impressive for one picture, I’d say. congratz. loved it.

  3. It is lovely. I thought at first the peace dove was a barn quilt. Thank you for sharing.

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