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B is for Breathe

Abbot Pastor said: A man must breathe humility and the fear of God  just as ceaselessly as he inhales and exhales air.  from The Wisdom of the Desert (collected sayings of 4th century ascetics, compiled and translated by Thomas Merton) A swimming picture because… Continue Reading “B is for Breathe”

Not Your Typical Swim Camp

Several years ago the aquatics director asked me if I would be interested in running the swim camp. “It wouldn’t be your typical swim camp,” I told her. “I don’t want to do freestyle on Monday and backstroke on Tuesday. I’d like it to… Continue Reading “Not Your Typical Swim Camp”

The Perfect Job

“It must be boring,” said one of the swimmers this morning, “just watching people swim back and forth.” No. It really isn’t. Something about the rhythmic splash-splash-splash of a single person swimming down the pool is very Zen — and I say that in… Continue Reading “The Perfect Job”

Summer Swimming

Hitting is like swimming. Once you learn the stroke, you never forget it. Stan (The Man) Musial, inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame 1969 A baseball quote, because Baseball Hall of Fame induction weekend is closing in, but the topic is swimming. I… Continue Reading “Summer Swimming”

Safe and Swim

Originally my plan was to write about “safe” for the letter S. About a month ago, I overheard a conversation while waiting for my father. He was visiting friends and I was sitting in the front lobby of the nursing home after an unsuccessful… Continue Reading “Safe and Swim”


Yesterday, my friend Laura Lynn Brown launched a new site: makesyoumom.com. I have previously written about how I met Laura at Laity Lodge. I was honored that she asked me if I would be willing to submit a piece for her new site, so… Continue Reading “Bridget”