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B is for Breathe

Abbot Pastor said:

A man must breathe humility and the fear of God 

just as ceaselessly as he inhales and exhales air. 

from The Wisdom of the Desert (collected sayings of 4th century ascetics, compiled and translated by Thomas Merton)

A swimming picture because it’s in swimming that we learn to be intentional about our breathing until it becomes so natural that we no longer have to think about it.

5 thoughts on “B is for Breathe

    1. Yes! Every time I’ve taken a yoga class (which is all of 4 times), I’ve fallen asleep at the end when the instructor turns the lights down and has us relax and focus on our breathing. It’s a problem. That’s why I opted for swimming. 🙂

  1. That’s really a good post! Breathing in humanity is so important! Love the photo concept of swimming!

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