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Lenten Rabbits

Five years ago for Lent, I carried a rabbit in my pocket as a tool for mindfulness. I wanted to remember that people are often smiling on the outside but hurting on the inside. I know, I know — this may not make much… Continue Reading “Lenten Rabbits”

A Time of Small Letters

The time is comewhen the publication of poems is to be like that of pale and very light airborne seeds flowing in the current of forest air through the blue shadows, and falling on the grass where God decrees. I am convinced that we… Continue Reading “A Time of Small Letters”

No Crying in Baseball

A few days before everything shut down, we went to dinner at the Doubleday Cafe to remember my father on his birthday.  It had been his favorite restaurant. My son’s girlfriend works with a tourism group in Cooperstown. She told us that night, “They… Continue Reading “No Crying in Baseball”

While I Was Away

I can still see the woman’s face as she said the words to me. She started off saying, “It’s such a good thing you’re doing — keeping your father home.” But then she stopped smiling and looked me in the eye, “You can’t do this… Continue Reading “While I Was Away”

Pursuing Dreams

I remember when Sam learned that he had arthritis. He had been struggling with shoulder pain and gone for treatment for tendonitis, a common problem for swimmers. He couldn’t lift his arms over his head and the physical therapist commented that he was like… Continue Reading “Pursuing Dreams”