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Dear Kim, Onward to the letter O! Open — I like open spaces, open people, open doors. In yoga, it’s the classes where we focus on opening up — the shoulders, the chest, the hips — that I feel the tears come. Opera —… Continue Reading “Onward!”

The Wrong Side

[the class of persons who had been imported as slaves] had no rights which the white man was bound to respect… Chief Justive Roger Taney in his majority decision on Scott vs Sandford, aka the Dred Scott case A few years ago I started… Continue Reading “The Wrong Side”

No Crying in Baseball

A few days before everything shut down, we went to dinner at the Doubleday Cafe to remember my father on his birthday.  It had been his favorite restaurant. My son’s girlfriend works with a tourism group in Cooperstown. She told us that night, “They… Continue Reading “No Crying in Baseball”

Blessed are the Nameless

Early in the year I began researching the Alfred Corning Clark Gymnasium, a building in Cooperstown where I spent many happy hours as a youth. In 1986, the new Clark Sports Center, located on the outskirts of town, opened and replaced my beloved gym.… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Nameless”

Free Parking (again)

Yes, we did it again this year. Free parking for the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. I’ve been feeling old. And grim. A day at a spa might have been nice, I suppose, if I was a day-at-the-spa kind of person. Honestly, today… Continue Reading “Free Parking (again)”

Lakefront Park

I clearly remember that morning. I had tossed and turned all night. My thoughts were a twisting turning knot of turmoil. Before dawn, I left the house and drove to the lake. Water soothes me. If I lived near the ocean, I’m sure I would have… Continue Reading “Lakefront Park”

The Sidewalk Taken (or, Sidewalks of Cooperstown)

Warning: This is probably one of the most boring posts ever. I walk around town and take pictures of the sidewalks. “Now this is a sidewalk,” Bud said to me as we started our walk the other day. We parked at the Clark Sports… Continue Reading “The Sidewalk Taken (or, Sidewalks of Cooperstown)”

Cooperstown Induction Weekend 2014

My brother told me that they’re expecting upwards of 80,000 people in Cooperstown this weekend.  The population here is usually around 2,000. 80,000. That’s an eight plus four zeros. As Phil Rizzuto used to say, “HOLY COW!” If you’re coming because you want to… Continue Reading “Cooperstown Induction Weekend 2014”