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I need to apologize to Osyth. A few weeks ago in her blog, Half-Baked in Paradise, she wrote about moving. Something about her words broke my heart. Maybe it was this: My heart felt the leaden weight of sorrow because my safe-place, my home,… Continue Reading “Roots”

The Cookie Rule

One of my brothers attended Cornell  — ever heard of it? While he was there, my uncle visited to adjudicate at the law school’s moot court competition. My brother snuck up to the bench where my uncle would be hearing the arguments and left a… Continue Reading “The Cookie Rule”

The Wreck of the Eliza

  An original Sea Shanty (1) Captain Hopkins had a schooner Eliza was her name Come hear the story of her wreck “tis such a crying shame She sailed out from Hyannis In April 1899 Heavy seas when she departed Though the morrow’s forecast fine (2)… Continue Reading “The Wreck of the Eliza”


I began at the end, with my mother’s dementia. Now I’ll end at the beginning of my mother’s life. Actually, the pre-beginning. The zero before the one-two-three. That space the game token rests on before the first roll of the dice. The Beforeward. Whatever… Continue Reading “Zero”