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New Every Morning

“I hurried over so you could take a picture,” said Matt, the lifeguard who was taking over for me so I could home. Two weeks of working together and he’s got me figured out. How many times has he heard me say, “I need… Continue Reading “New Every Morning”

Four Questions

This post was originally written in April 2011 when my mother was still alive and still at home.  Question #1 I asked my mother one day,  “Mom, do you know what Alzheimer’s is?” She knew.  “It’s a condition where people can’t think sensibly,” she… Continue Reading “Four Questions”

Christmas Flowers

On Sunday the pastor announced that anyone who wanted Poinsettia or cyclamen was welcome to take plants home. The front altar had been filled with plants for the holiday season — so, so lovely. The cyclamen on the piano had caught my eye. It… Continue Reading “Christmas Flowers”

If You Say So

The following is an edited version of a post first published on January 2, 2012. I wrote it when my mother was still living at home and I was trying to help my father with her. My sister and I can carry on conversations using… Continue Reading “If You Say So”


Χ  marks the spot. My mother would sometimes say, “That hits the spot.” Hot soup on a cold day. Ice cold lemonade on a hot day. Lasagne with garlic bread and a fresh tossed salad on any day. I’m pretty sure it’s the same… Continue Reading “X”


“Fred” made the mistake of saying the words “crew cut” within hearing of the man with the clippers. “Everybody has a bad haircut story,” I told him. “Now you have yours.” What made the whole thing ironic is that “Fred” had just been to a conference… Continue Reading “Vulnerable”

Long in the Tooth

I’ve occasionally wondered what was in the guy’s trailer by the time he got home. He started off with an empty trailer and some debts he needed to collect. At the first stop, he got a dirt bike because the guy didn’t have any money… Continue Reading “Long in the Tooth”


The ABC’s of how I’m feeling: A is for ANGRY B is for BITTER C is for CRANKY Clearly I’m doing this A-to-Z Challenge all wrong. I feel angry. And not kind. I hung up on Time-Warner yesterday. Told them we were switching to… Continue Reading “Kind”


“Can you still juggle?” I asked Helen the other day. She picked up three somethings — I don’t remember what they were — pom-poms or apples or Easter eggs — and juggled them quite handily. I’ve seen her do it before. We have a video… Continue Reading “Juggling”


John 5 begins with the story of Jesus at the Bethesda pool where lay “a multitude of invalids.” The belief was that after an angel troubled the waters, the first one in was healed. Jesus spoke with a man who had been there for thirty-eight years. “Do you want… Continue Reading “Community”