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God Bless the Moon

Every morning I go downstairs and sigh when I see the tray table beside my father’s chair. It’s a mess. I tidy it — but I know my organization will erode to disorder by evening. The problem these days is that he has taken… Continue Reading “God Bless the Moon”

Lent 2018

My sister messaged me yesterday, “…about Tuga… has he returned to your pocket, or was he so last year?” Tuga, the little brown bunny who stayed in my pocket for Lent 2017 as a reminder of the sorrow in the world, is not so… Continue Reading “Lent 2018”

Old Photographs

One of my kids told me, “I pulled some pictures out of the garbage by Grampa’s chair yesterday.” “What?!” I said. I knew my father had been going through old photographs. It’s something he enjoys. He’ll sit there for hours sifting through and resifting.… Continue Reading “Old Photographs”


Yesterday we had a guest preacher, a woman from a nearby city. When she called the children forward for the children’s sermon, two school-age boys and one toddler girl came forward. The little girl was delightfully in her own world, jabbering and clapping her… Continue Reading “Amen”


When I walked into the pool area yesterday, one of my swimmers was waiting for me. She looked up at me with doleful eyes. The corners of her mouth were turned down. Way down. “What’s wrong?” I asked, crouching down to talk with her.… Continue Reading “Change”


Let me be candid. I was shouting in the officials’ room at the swim meet on Saturday. Not my finest moment, for sure. That ugliness left me bone-weary at the end of the day. The next morning when I got up early to read, I… Continue Reading “Pearls”

The Things I Do For Points

I signed up for Get Fit Right, a program at our local gym.  Each week I get a new punch card to try to fill. As I got in the water the other day for an aquacize class, the shock of the cold water… Continue Reading “The Things I Do For Points”

Dr. Purple’s Fall

Those who know me well know that I have spent hours researching Dr. William Purple from Greene. He was a fascinating man who lived a long life in service to his family, his community, and his profession. The following story is based in fact;… Continue Reading “Dr. Purple’s Fall”


Walter Brueggemann, in his book “Sabbath as Resistance”, referred to the idea of “seven”-ing our lives. “People who keep Sabbath live all seven days differently,” he said. I decided that 2018 will be my Sabbath year. Each week, I hope to reclaim the Sabbath by… Continue Reading “Sabbatical”


“How long do you think the new carpet smell will last?” one of my co-workers asked. I had to leave work early because the carpet guys were coming. “I have no idea,” I replied. “Is that like the new car smell?” My family replaces… Continue Reading “Carpet”