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I need to apologize to Osyth. A few weeks ago in her blog, Half-Baked in Paradise, she wrote about moving. Something about her words broke my heart. Maybe it was this: My heart felt the leaden weight of sorrow because my safe-place, my home,… Continue Reading “Roots”

Coaching Imogene Herdman

Yesterday I made a girl cry. The head coach told me, “You did the right thing.” When I told the story to one of my sons, he said the same thing. “That was the right decision,” he said. Still, I went to sleep thinking… Continue Reading “Coaching Imogene Herdman”

Rough and Slippery Roads

Those who journey on level ground have no need to give one another their hands, whereas those who are on rough and slippery roads hold fast one to another… in order to walk securely and help one another in the many difficult places through… Continue Reading “Rough and Slippery Roads”

Another Sunrise Post

Laurel and I left before the crack of dawn for a swim meet this morning. As we came over the top of Murphy Hill, I caught my first glimpse of the eastern horizon. “That’s going to be a beautiful sunrise,” I told her. She… Continue Reading “Another Sunrise Post”

Canada Geese

Honk! Honk! I look up — Misshapen V heading west Poor befuddled geese

October Gratitude

On October 29, I am grateful for these — collected over the course of the month. Harvest time A few stalks left behind Airports A full-circle rainbow seen from above Tennessee sunrise A quiet place to stay That bald-headed guy resting his arm on… Continue Reading “October Gratitude”

Mr. Hanson

I don’t think he was there the first time we visited the Methodist Church a few  years ago, but he was the second or third time we went back. “Sally,” he said to me in his strong deep voice. I was flattered that he… Continue Reading “Mr. Hanson”

Every Moment Holy: When Something Is Lost

I lost my wallet. Again. I started to write out the sequence of events that led up to the last time I remembered holding it in my hand, but none of it really matters. The important part of the story was that my wallet… Continue Reading “Every Moment Holy: When Something Is Lost”

The Journey of Tuga and Aleluja — part three

(This is the conclusion of a presentation I gave — or tried to give — at our church on October 15, 2017) Our work in Bosnia took place in Gradacac, a city about 3 hours north of Sarajevo. Ostensibly, we were there to build a… Continue Reading “The Journey of Tuga and Aleluja — part three”

The Journey of Tuga and Aleluja — part two

(This is a continuation of a presentation I gave  — or tried to give — at our church on October 15, 2017) Tuga and Aleluja accompanied me to Bosnia this summer. At every place I stayed, I set them on the window ledge or… Continue Reading “The Journey of Tuga and Aleluja — part two”