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No Crying in Baseball

A few days before everything shut down, we went to dinner at the Doubleday Cafe to remember my father on his birthday.  It had been his favorite restaurant. My son’s girlfriend works with a tourism group in Cooperstown. She told us that night, “They… Continue Reading “No Crying in Baseball”

The Power of Hello

I go to the grocery store, on average 20-21 days every month.  That’s like going every single day for 3 weeks and then taking a week off. My shopping frequency combined with my New Year’s Resolution to not use the self check-out has given me… Continue Reading “The Power of Hello”


I did it again, grasped hand after hand, received hug after hug in a receiving line. Few things are more draining for the introvert than the receiving line. We do it — I do it — for people I love. Like my brother, Stewart. Like my… Continue Reading “Presence”