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Q is for Quirky

I often don’t know how to describe my collages, so I use the word quirky. How else could explain this odd conglomeration using a couple of dogs and a Dr. Seuss character? A quirk is a sudden twist. I was surprised to read that in the… Continue Reading “Q is for Quirky”

Footprints on the Deck on a Snowy Day

It all started when the cat wanted to go out — AGAIN — and then immediately wanted back in. “It’s so simple,” I tell her. “Just make up your mind.” But a cat’s brain doesn’t quite work that way. So I wrote this —… Continue Reading “Footprints on the Deck on a Snowy Day”


Several years ago I was walking Maggie in our little town and ran into a woman who was walking Maggie’s twin, a mostly black dog with some white markings. “What kind of dog is yours?” the lady asked. “They told us that she was a… Continue Reading “Lovable”