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K is for Kamp Kill Kare

The rock is around here somewhere, I just know it. It was here last week. Bud picked it up and asked me about it. “No,” I said, “I’m sure it has nothing to do with the Klan.” Scratched on one side of the smooth… Continue Reading “K is for Kamp Kill Kare”

J is for Jumble

My father was always an orderly man. His ties were hung neatly on tie racks in his closet, his business affairs neatly filed in folders, his expenses written in neat columns in ledgers. His photographs are labeled, his stamp and coin collections catalogued. One… Continue Reading “J is for Jumble”

I is for Internship

When I went in the hospital to have baby #2 or #3, one of the obstetrics nurses at Bassett told that she still remembered my father’s first day. “He carried that black bag,” she said, and then laughed to herself at the memory. He… Continue Reading “I is for Internship”

H is for Hamilton College

My father went to Hamilton College, a small liberal arts college in Clinton, New York. Just to confuse people, not far away in Hamilton, NY, is Colgate University, another small liberal arts school. But, no — my dad went to Hamilton. As did my… Continue Reading “H is for Hamilton College”

G is for Generations

I’ve been away for a few days on a much-needed retreat with my husband (and, as a result, have fallen behind in my A to Z Challenge). We traveled to one of my favorite places — Laity Lodge, which is in the remote hill… Continue Reading “G is for Generations”

F is for Falls

“Tell me about the fall,” the¬†Physician’s Assistant asked as he removed the stitches from my father’s forehead the other day,. “It’s a long story,” my father deflected. “I’d like to hear it,” the PA said. My father launched into his very short story —… Continue Reading “F is for Falls”

E is for Eggs

Every Sunday morning I fix two over-easy eggs and a piece of toast for my father. ¬†When I set the plate down in front of him, his eyes light up. “Oh! Eggs!” he exclaims, clearly delighted. For the longest time, he had been eating… Continue Reading “E is for Eggs”

D is for Dermatology

“What kind of medicine did you practice?” The still-wet-behind-the-ears spring-chicken doctors who have never met my father before always ask it. What they don’t understand is how much medicine has changed in the past fifty years. Fifty years ago, when my father left the… Continue Reading “D is for Dermatology”

C is for Cunningham

C is for Cunningham. Glenn Cunningham, to be precise. One of my father’s prize possessions is the following letter on University of Kansas letterhead stationery. February 25, 1940 Dear Donald: Your very good letter reached me several days ago and I was terribly sorry… Continue Reading “C is for Cunningham”

A is for Army

My father served in the United States Army. I don’t think he would ever begin the story of his life at this point, but this is an alphabetical telling, not chronological. Plus, I was born during the Army years, so I suppose it’s a… Continue Reading “A is for Army”