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U is for Untold Stories

I found this picture yesterday and showed it to my father. “Do you remember this man?” I asked. He shook his head. “No, I don’t think so,” he replied. “On the back it says, ‘Successful defibrillation and external massage’ — Does that help?” I… Continue Reading “U is for Untold Stories”

T is for Turtle Eggs

When my father was a little boy, some bigger boys gave him a bag of turtle eggs. They looked remarkably like chestnuts that grew on some of the trees in their town. “Take these home and keep them in a warm place. Turtles will… Continue Reading “T is for Turtle Eggs”

S is for Siblings (a pictorial essay)

First there was my father — Actually, before my father, there was Janice Aline, a daughter who lived only a day. Little over a year later, my father was born. Then his brother, Stewart, came along. I showed my father the picture today and… Continue Reading “S is for Siblings (a pictorial essay)”

R is for Red Sox

When my father was in the Emergency Room the other day, I knew he was missing the Red Sox game so I brought it up on my phone. Through the Red Sox website, we couldn’t watch the game, but we could get details of… Continue Reading “R is for Red Sox”

Q is for Questions

My father asks questions all the time. “What does holy mackerel mean?” he frequently asks. One of his friends explained the origin of the phrase — eating fish during Lent, etc, etc — but the next day he asked the same question. And the… Continue Reading “Q is for Questions”

P is for Presbyterian

Both my mother and father were deeply involved in the Cooperstown Presbyterian Church. From my mother’s obituary: Perhaps most central to Elinor’s life was her steadfast devotion to the First Presbyterian Church of Cooperstown, for it was there that she faithfully blended her love… Continue Reading “P is for Presbyterian”

O is for Old

A Poem for Interns and Residents To you, he is an old man With hoary head and feeble mind But look beneath the surface — It may surprise you what you find To you, he’s one who stutters And struggles to find words He… Continue Reading “O is for Old”

N is for the Nurse Practitioners

My father hired the first Physician’s Assistant and mentored the first independent Nurse practitioner in New York State. I think he found the work with the nurse practitioners to be especially rewarding. ¬†Gevie Kent, the first NP, worked in a rural clinic in Edmeston,… Continue Reading “N is for the Nurse Practitioners”

M is for Mentor

If I saw a theme in the birthday cards for my father sent or given to him by other doctors, it was the word “Mentor.” Over and over his fellow physicians thanked him for being their mentor. One doctor said that my father was… Continue Reading “M is for Mentor”

L is for Library Book Sale

We have at least 3 copies of Grandfather Stories by Samuel Hopkins Adams — thanks to the library book sale. For years and years, the Cooperstown Village Library has held their annual book sale over 4th of July weekend. Their large porch would be… Continue Reading “L is for Library Book Sale”