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R is for Revelation

The language of revelation is mysterious,
not in order that its meaning may be concealed from us,
but in order that we may be moved to seek it with a more fervent love.

Thomas Merton, Bread in the Wilderness

Easter egg hunt 2017

There is great joy in the finding.

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Q is for Questions

A monk ought not to inquire how this one acts or how that one lives.
Questions like this take us away from prayer and draw us on to backbiting and chatter.
There is nothing better than to keep silent.

Thomas Merton, Wisdom of the Desert

Sometimes there are no words.
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O is for Obligations

The monk does not exist for the sake of obligation; the obligation exists for the sake of the monk.
Duties and obligations are merely the signposts which point out the road to some ultimate end in which our whole nature and its capacities are fulfilled.

Thomas Merton, Bread in the Wilderness

Photo by Mary
Bergen, Norway
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N is for Needs

But do you imagine that if you become as prosperous as the United States you will no longer have needs? Here the needs are even greater. Full bellies have not brought peace and satisfaction but dementia, and in any case not all the bellies are full either. But the dementia is the same for all.

Thomas Merton, first draft of Day of a Stranger

Day of a Stranger was written in response to a request from a South American editor who asked Merton to describe a typical day. Some of it feels like stream-of-consciousness writing, but he pulls dementia into his thoughts on poverty and prosperity.

Dementia is indeed wealth blind.

Dad feeding Mom while I-Can-Do-It Mary watches.

My mother’s wealth, even in her dementia, was the constancy of my father. He visited my mother twice a day every day. I never saw any family visit I-Can-Do-It Mary.


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M is for Monk

A monk is a man who seeks God because he has been found by God.

Thomas Merton, The Silent Life

A monk is a man who has given up everything in order to possess everything.

Thomas Merton, The Waters of Siloe

Obviously I’m not a monk. I would restate Merton’s quotes into a statement and a prayer:

I seek God because I have been found by God.

Lord, help me to give up my everything so that I may possess Your everything.