24 thoughts on “Finish My Limerick – Z

  1. Her head spun around as she hit the ground, I love them all equally, she cried!

    A little long! I enjoyed the challenge of completing your limericks! Good job making it through.

      1. no idea. just wanted to draw you out so i could find out some more. i like to ask questions. i agree with neil why the son?

      2. I was pretty sure that I made it up for one last limerick — then I googled it and honestly I don’t know. If it’s a name, it’s a man’s name.

      1. Ah — I think I had the easy part. Coming up with the last line in the hardest. You made great contributions!

  2. There once was a woman named Zephide
    Who was trying hard to decide
    Which one’s best of all –
    Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?
    But she couldn’t however she tried!

    Well done a whole month and alphabet of limmericks and beautiful collages 🎉 💜

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