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Good-bye, Odyssey

Bud said that he woke up in the middle of the night wondering if it was the right decision.

I reminded him all the reasons why — the catalytic converter, the exhaust system, the timing belt, the short circuits in the electrical system.

Still, our Honda Odyssey had taken us many miles — well over 200,000. Many trips to Florida, to South Carolina, to North Carolina, to Washington, DC, as well as the hundreds, maybe over a thousand trips between Cooperstown and Greene.

It’s almost as old as Laurel.

It has served us well.

When Philip was a little boy and we traded in one of our cars, he drew sad faces in the dirt on the windows. Laurel did the same last night with the Odyssey. My bookend children think the same.

Sad face, broken heart, bird poop (right to left)

We’re trading in the Odyssey. It makes us sad.


We’re getting a new car. It makes us happy.


I told a friend that we get a new car every twelve years or so, whether we need one or not.

We need one.

It was the right decision.


15 thoughts on “Good-bye, Odyssey

  1. That really made me smile … and I needed a smile so I thank you. PS: My car, Franck who is bright yellow and right hand drive but with French plates which beautifully confuses the locals has done just shy of 180,000. That your Odyssey has done ‘well over’ 200,000 gives me hope that I have a year or two left in him before the heartbreak of parting!!

    1. May Franck live on for many years! (– or at least two more)

      It is a heartbreak to part with some vehicles, especially when they hold a thousand memories.

      1. Thank you … he will be happy 😊 And yes, it is hard – a car is so much more than a vehicle it is a rolling memory carrier

  2. Nice choice of topic for this week’s challenge! I still occasionally grieve for my maroon Peugeot stationwagon, which we sold two decades ago… 🙂

    1. That’s like my 1970 green VW bug. We had to sell it in Indiana in 1983 while moving to Wyoming. It started having engine trouble and we didn’t have a lot of options. Some cars will always hold a special place in our hearts.

    1. I know that feeling! One of our cars, a Mazda 626 that I didn’t want to part with but had to because we needed more seats, was particularly hard to leave. About a month later, we found out that the son of a friend had called his mother and told her that he was in love. With a car. A used car. Our Mazda 626. I was glad the car had found an owner who would love it like I had.

  3. There’s nothing like a nice new car (’tis!), but there’s also nothing like a ’99 Chevy 2-door named “Cayenne” who only lasted 16 years. Had to get something else immediately that winter, and we now have “B0nnii” and I don’t wanna talk about it, lol. Enjoy your new wheels!

    1. Only 16?! 🙂 People who trade in every 2 – 3 years don’t know what they’re missing. But it is sad parting with these old friends.

  4. Fun to read! Enjoy the new ride and please post when it shows up. Our 2004 Nissan Frontier is still kicking even after a near death experience (for it) earlier this spring. 160,000 and we are hoping it will last longer. Here in Kansas kids may get their permit at 14! Austin will be getting one in September – so we we need it to be available for maybe 3+ years!! ..I’m considering adding a roll cage.

    1. Isn’t Austin the one who did the interview about the Lamborghini? Although Lamborghini — Frontier — not much difference, right?

      Roll cage sounds like a good idea 🙂

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