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A is for Ambush

A Preview for my 2017 A-to-Z Blogging Challenge

My topic for the A-to-Z Challenge this year is my kitschy collage artwork.

Sometimes I think of it as quirky; today it feels like kitsch.

I’ve planned out every day except one. J is giving me problems.

And some days, like A, I had multiple to choose from.

This was my initial A.


I have two self-imposed rules for each card.

  1. No two pictures from the same book.
  2. It must tell a story.

I used to have a rabbit rule. A rabbit was to appear on every card, but I nixed that one. Rabbits can be hard to come by.

In the above picture, the monkey is Zephyr from Meet Babar and His Family (Laurent de Brunhoff),  the Lego Santa is from Snow Chase, a scholastic Lego book, the little boy is from Mother Goose Treasury, and the background is from Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home! (Hans de Beer).

You can make up your own story to go with it. I know what mine is. The collage definitely suggests a story.

But the picture bothered me. The boy’s scarf is blowing one way, and the Lego man’s beard is blowing another. Zephyr is actually standing on the polar bear but his head is hidden by the snowmobile. So I got this bright idea that I would “fix” the picture.

I added some greens to hide the scarf and partially mask where Zephyr is standing.

I wasn’t happy with the final product.

Oh, I’ll still send the card to somebody.

Just for laughs.

And because I know enough people who don’t mind imperfection.

But A is no longer Ambush.

Tune in next Saturday to find out what it is.

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