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On one of our first nights in Dubrovnik, I told Leah that finally I was starting to understand parts of Isaiah 60, the scripture I’ve been trying to memorize for months. We don’t have any walled cities near where I live. I needed to… Continue Reading “Dubrovnik”

Ominous Beginning

The man seated ahead of us on our Newark to Paris flight was large and loud. I missed the beginning of the “discussion” because we were getting situated in our seats, stowing my pack in the overhead compartment, turning my phone to airplane mode,… Continue Reading “Ominous Beginning”


John 5 begins with the story of Jesus at the Bethesda pool where lay “a multitude of invalids.” The belief was that after an angel troubled the waters, the first one in was healed. Jesus spoke with a man who had been there for thirty-eight years. “Do you want… Continue Reading “Community”


J is for Journey. The bigger story of our lives is constantly being retold is smaller stories every day. For example, my journey to Laity Lodge was series of steps which I could break down thus: Car ride to Binghamton Bus trip to NYC… Continue Reading “Journey”


Q: How many stories can I eke out of one bus trip? A: This is the last one. I think. When I began the trip, I was determined to have writer’s eyes and ears, paying attention to the details and scribbling them down. Once… Continue Reading “Assistance”

Scary Travels with Alzheimer’s

What is one of the scariest situations you have been in because of dementia? Let’s face it — dementia can be a scary thing, for everyone involved.  Every time I see another news story about someone with dementia wandering off, my stomach tightens.  There,… Continue Reading “Scary Travels with Alzheimer’s”