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Last week, after a brief amble in the park where my son works I fell asleep on a blanket in the grass. I woke up to this: The blue skies, the lake, the grass, the daisy just beyond the edge of the blanket. This… Continue Reading “Language”

Fun With Google Translate

I have a word problem. I really, really like words. A lot. It should come as a surprise to nobody that on my trip to the Balkans I took pictures of words to look up later. Nor should it come as a surprise that… Continue Reading “Fun With Google Translate”

Hey Canada – Aboot some of your words….

There are strange things said, or at least so I’ve read, By the neighbors up north of  U. S. It’s more than just “-eh”. What I’m trying to say Is there’s lingo I need to address. They have one dollar loonies and two dollar… Continue Reading “Hey Canada – Aboot some of your words….”