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Happy Memories

A lifelong blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Charlotte Kasl Trying to find photographs of all my children proved tougher than I thought! However, I’m pretty sure they would all agree that they have plenty of happy… Continue Reading “Happy Memories”

Two Pictures of Me

I’m not a big fan of pictures of myself — but I like this one because it brings back so many memories of a very happy trip. And this one, taken last month. We taken my father for his weekly dinner at the Doubleday… Continue Reading “Two Pictures of Me”

S is for Siblings (a pictorial essay)

First there was my father — Actually, before my father, there was Janice Aline, a daughter who lived only a day. Little over a year later, my father was born. Then his brother, Stewart, came along. I showed my father the picture today and… Continue Reading “S is for Siblings (a pictorial essay)”

Old Photographs

One of my kids told me, “I pulled some pictures out of the garbage by Grampa’s chair yesterday.” “What?!” I said. I knew my father had been going through old photographs. It’s something he enjoys. He’ll sit there for hours sifting through and resifting.… Continue Reading “Old Photographs”

Big and Small

I thought I had a large family when I was growing up. My parents had five children — a nice, symmetrical boy-girl-boy-girl-boy. Then I met my husband. He was the second of thirteen. As if that wasn’t enough, his cousin also came to live… Continue Reading “Big and Small”


The very best advice ever given to me was given by my mother-in-law. When I had just one little boy, life was fun. Oh, I thought it was hard because he didn’t sleep very well, but, all in all, it was fun. I had… Continue Reading “Do”