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Helpful Words

“It happens to all of us, you know,” someone said to me when I was talking about my father’s latest foggy episode. Yesterday morning, when my father was studying his watch, I asked him what time he had. “Hmmm,” he said, studying the hands… Continue Reading “Helpful Words”

The Rest of the Story (or, An Ethical Question)

If you knew that one phone call to an influential person would elevate the level of care received in a health care setting, would you make that phone call? I delved into that question yesterday when I met with someone on an unrelated matter.… Continue Reading “The Rest of the Story (or, An Ethical Question)”

Things I Would Have Done Differently in Bosnia

While I was in Bosnia, I began thinking of things that I would do differently next time. First, I would bring my computer.  I intentionally did not bring my computer on this trip, so I could “unplug” a little. I had my phone which… Continue Reading “Things I Would Have Done Differently in Bosnia”


On one of our first nights in Dubrovnik, I told Leah that finally I was starting to understand parts of Isaiah 60, the scripture I’ve been trying to memorize for months. We don’t have any walled cities near where I live. I needed to… Continue Reading “Dubrovnik”


I hope Leah doesn’t mind, but we’re going to spend some of our evenings dashing off postcards from the former Yugoslavia. Mary found my postcard list in my travel folder. It has names, addresses, and boxes to check off, so I can have that… Continue Reading “Postcards”

A New Slider

Taking out the door totally opened up the room. Over the years, the room slowly become the repository for everything. I mean, the attic was pretty full and the stuff had to go somewhere. This is an American problem. When we hoed the room… Continue Reading “A New Slider”

My Next Travel Adventure

I’m letting go of the wheel again. For one week, while we were in France, I didn’t drive at all. Thankfully. We relied on other drivers. The guiding principle for that trip was to make everything nice for my father, so we had a… Continue Reading “My Next Travel Adventure”

Paper Prayer

Please, God, don’t let me become a paper snob. Thank you for my expensive journals with paper that doesn’t bleed through, but remind me that words written on a napkin or the back of an envelope are no less important than those written in… Continue Reading “Paper Prayer”


Each member of the surgical team looped through the room.  An introduction. Name and date of birth requested. The why-are-you-here question. My mother didn’t know the answers when I had sat in the same spot with her some years before. I helped. My father… Continue Reading “Surgery”

Red-Winged Blackbird

The red-winged blackbirds begin check-check-check-ing at me as I walk down the road. With dog, without the dog — it doesn’t matter. I’m a threat and they need to let the world, or, at the very least, their fellow blackbirds know that danger approaches.… Continue Reading “Red-Winged Blackbird”