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“I wish your mother could see those windchimes,” my father said, looking at the green butterflies and brass bells. Their gentle tinkle was beyond his hearing like my mother was beyond … I don’t know. Beyond the day when he could repay for late… Continue Reading “Windchimes”


I have a little troll who likes to visit me; The pleasure that he gets from it is more than I can see. He crawls out nearly monthly, from underneath his rock, And writes a little comment full of unkind ugly talk. I’ve tried to… Continue Reading “Trolls”


In a hurry this morning — but don’t want to fall behind in my A to Z postings. A ditty has been running through my head since accompanying my father for his echocardiogram. The screen looked similar to ones I knew from pregnancy ultrasounds, but… Continue Reading “Heart”

Cold Morning

i thank You God for most this amazing day: for the glittering icy brilliance of snow and the pink-streaked watercolor dawn; for the bare branches of trees whose tiniest twigs point upward, upward, upward, reminding me there is more. thank you for the take-my-breath-away… Continue Reading “Cold Morning”

Hey Canada – Aboot some of your words….

There are strange things said, or at least so I’ve read, By the neighbors up north of  U. S. It’s more than just “-eh”. What I’m trying to say Is there’s lingo I need to address. They have one dollar loonies and two dollar… Continue Reading “Hey Canada – Aboot some of your words….”