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Every man, however matter-of-fact and prosaic, likes to receive his presents wrapped… He hesitates to cut the string; he prefers to untie the knot, to unfold the paper, and so to come slowly upon the fond surprise awaiting him. The contents element he will… Continue Reading “Unwrapping”

Boreham’s Introduction to Advent

I hate the saying “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.” And yet… I’m going to do that. If F. W. Boreham was alive, by all means, I would ask. “Could I please, please, please, put your introduction to My Christmas Book on my… Continue Reading “Boreham’s Introduction to Advent”


At church on Sunday, the visiting pastor asked people to share “God moments” during a time when people usually share prayer requests. I knew exactly what I would say if only I were brave enough. My God moment had started at the end of… Continue Reading “Treasure”

Flowers and Weeds

Monday was not a great day. I had taken my father to meet with his brother. It was great to see my uncle and my cousin. While my father was so happy to see his brother, I was struck by my father’s struggle to… Continue Reading “Flowers and Weeds”

Morning Hymn

I bought this book a few years ago. It has been waiting patiently for me. I didn’t go looking for it. The book found me. Things I like about the book: Marbled book boards. Isn’t it pretty? Inscription — I’m a sucker for inscriptions,… Continue Reading “Morning Hymn”

Communion Bread

A few months ago, one of the ladies asked me if I could help with communion, setting it up three or four times a year. I would be replacing a woman ¬†who had been showing signs of dementia. I had my first turn this… Continue Reading “Communion Bread”

P is for Presbyterian

Both my mother and father were deeply involved in the Cooperstown Presbyterian Church. From my mother’s obituary: Perhaps most central to Elinor’s life was her steadfast devotion to the First Presbyterian Church of Cooperstown, for it was there that she faithfully blended her love… Continue Reading “P is for Presbyterian”

A Little Bit of Narnia

Yesterday’s sunrise was pink and blue. The day before it was orange and yellow. I take so many pictures of the sunrise. I’ll be at the pool and one the ladies swimming will say, “Ooh! Sally! Get your camera!” I’ll grab my phone and… Continue Reading “A Little Bit of Narnia”

Shall We Gather At the River

Yesterday morning, when Dad came out for breakfast, he told me that he had composed a song while he was sleeping. “Really?” I said. “Are you going to sing it for me?” “Yes, I will,” he replied. “Just give me a minute to remember… Continue Reading “Shall We Gather At the River”

Lent 2018

My sister messaged me yesterday, “…about Tuga… has he returned to your pocket, or was he so last year?” Tuga, the little brown bunny who stayed in my pocket for Lent 2017 as a reminder of the sorrow in the world, is not so… Continue Reading “Lent 2018”