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B things

This is my own A-to-Z Challenge for the month of June — likes and dislikes. If you want to join me, just add a comment of something you like that begins with the letter B and something you don’t like.

“What’s something I like that begins with B?” I asked Mary.

“Biscotti,” she said immediately. Ooh, I do like biscotti.

“Books,” she said.



Does this girl know me or what?

“Bugs,” she said.

“I don’t like bugs,” I replied.

“But you need a ‘don’t like,’ don’t you?” she said.

That was the problem. I had had an idea for a post, but when I sat down to write it, my words went off in a direction and I was stuck with a “don’t like” that I hadn’t expected. Sometimes that happens.

But I really do like biscotti, books, Bosnia (one of my best trips ever), and the color blue.

If you want to read what I don’t like, you’ll have to suffer through the next part. Please forgive the TMI.

I am not a shopper. Other than my frequent trips to the grocery store and occasional trips to Target, I really don’t spend much time shopping.

When my oldest daughter set the date for her wedding, my co-workers asked to take me shopping — dress shopping to be precise.

“Um… no,” I said.

“It’ll be fun,” they said.

“No,” I said.

“We’ll make a day of it,” they said.

“Really — no,” I said.

So I went shopping with my daughters. It was a painful experience — leafing through racks of frou-frouey dresses, trying on a few here and there. No, no, no. They all belonged on some other woman, not me. My daughters were great. They were encouraging and kind, but no. We all needed to face the fact that I was not a dress shopper.

In the end I bought some fabric and a pattern and sent them to a dear friend. She had helped me out of this very pinch once before by making a dress for me that I wore to two sons’ weddings.

My friend and I messaged back and forth. She sent me a mock-up of the bodice to make sure it would fit. Finally, about two weeks before the wedding, she mailed the package.

I waited.

And waited.

I messaged her that it hadn’t come. She went to the post office. The tracking number was dead. I pictured my package falling off the conveyor belt of a vast postal facility and getting kicked into some dim corner. Dead.

The wedding was in three days.

This meant another round of dreaded dress-shopping. This time I found one.

But here’s the very worst part of the whole ordeal. Because of the neckline of the dress I found, I had to go bra shopping.

I HATE bra shopping — and that’s my B.

And that’s enough said about THAT.

My new dress matched my daughters perfectly.

 In Scottish Gaelic: Is toil leam biscotti, leabhraichean, Bosnia, agus gorm. Cha toil leam ceannach airson fo-aodach.

How about you? What do you like that begins with B? What do you dislike?

19 thoughts on “B things

  1. I like the word blessed. I feel God’s blessings. I am not good at counting my blessings every night like some suggest. Does not mean I never count them, just not at a specific time every day. And what I do not like, I dislike dealing with bankers!!! Sorry for any banker friends you might have! I think all the rules and regulations they deal with are difficult but as a customer…. ugh! Maybe I should say a bit more, I was helping out a friend who was at work and was concerned about her checking account being overdrawn, I have enough cash to deposit with me and I was going by the bank, so I wanted to help. Did you know you may not but cash in a friends account? Not $20, not $100…. it was like I was a suspicious character. Ugh.

    1. What a crazy story about not being able to help your friend! l love your generous heart, though. I’m almost tempted to go to one of our small-town banks and try it because I wonder if here, where everybody knows everybody, I may be able to slide around regulations like that.

  2. Likes: Books, birdsong, blue, bread, brain health, banjos, Breton tunes, Irish bagpipes. Dislikes: Scottish bagpipes, beige, brain fog, bullies, brusqueness, and … books.

    1. 😲😳Scottish bagpipes!!!! Books!!!!!! I’m not sure we can still be friends! Can we talk about this?

  3. I love the colors of everyone’s dresses! And I’m with you on bra shopping.
    Likes: Birds (of course), books, breads
    Dislikes: Burnout, B.O. (especially the Boy kind), being late

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