Before and After

Babies look like babies when they’re little.

It’s nice to see how they turn out.

Baby Philip

Philip and his great-grandmother

Philip and his great-grandmother

Adult Philip (with Amanda and Henry)

Amanda, Henry, and Phili

Amanda, Henry, and Philip

Baby Owen

Philip and Owen

Philip and Owen

Adult Owen (with Emily)

Emily and Owen

Emily and Owen

Baby Sam

Sam and Mom -- 1990

Sam and Mom — 1990

Adult Sam (with Donna)

Sam and Donna

Sam and Donna

Baby Helen

Mom and Helen

Mom and Helen

Adult Helenhelen2


Baby Karl

Baby Karl and Jacob

Baby Karl and “Fred”

Almost-adult Karldsc02391

Baby Mary

baby Mary

baby Mary

Teenage Marymary3

Baby Laurel

Laurel learning to sit alone

baby Laurel

Teenage Laurellaurel



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