Messy is often the best.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is decorating cookies. Our Christmas cookies are a basic sugar cookie cut out with cookie cutters. It’s actually my grandmother’s recipe, and the only recipe for which I always sift the flour. The fun is both in choosing which cookies to cut out and then finally decorating them.

But it’s messy and time-consuming.

The best.

The best icing is sometimes the messiest. Drippy, juicy, gloopy drizzle.

Licking fingers is allowed, but not licking brushes.
Licking fingers is allowed, but not licking brushes.

The best part is spending time together making them.

Decorating is a family affair
Decorating is a family affair

Or maybe it’s eating them.

Hard to choose which one...
Hard to choose which one…

7 thoughts on “Messy

  1. I’m warmed this morning just seeing real people icing up real sugar cookies. That pile of cookies is beautiful. They scream family happiness. This is not a Pinterest pic of expertly cut and baked, decorated and staged little artworks. They are bright and fun and I’m sure they tasted wonderful. Thanks for the cookies!

  2. This was a holiday tradition when I was growing up that our grandmother would do with us. Boy do I wish I knew where all of her recipes went to when she passed. -Bruce

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