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G is for Glory

A tree gives glory to God by being a tree. Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation In the spring of 2012, my father’s home insurance company sent an inspector. As a result, the insurance company required two changes: part of the roof needed to… Continue Reading “G is for Glory”

F is for Fear

Fear narrows the little entrance of our heart. It shrinks up our capacity to love. It freezes up our power to give ourselves. Thomas Merton, Seasons of Celebration At the root of all war is fear. Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation … and… Continue Reading “F is for Fear”

E is for Extraordinary

… to fly into the desert in order to be extraordinary is only to carry the world with you as an implicit standard of comparison. Thomas Merton, The Wisdom of the Desert

D is for Desert

Meanwhile, we are passing through the desert on our way to the promised land. Bread in the Wilderness, by Thomas Merton Photo taken by Owen during his travels in Morocco (2006)

C is for Community

There is a world of difference between a community and a crowd. Thomas Merton, The Silent Life People often comment on the size of our family — “That’s a crowd!” But the truth is that family can be the very best of community, united… Continue Reading “C is for Community”

B is for Breathe

Abbot Pastor said: A man must breathe humility and the fear of God  just as ceaselessly as he inhales and exhales air.  from The Wisdom of the Desert (collected sayings of 4th century ascetics, compiled and translated by Thomas Merton) A swimming picture because… Continue Reading “B is for Breathe”

A is for Advent

In Seasons of Celebration, Thomas Merton reflects on the writings of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Saint Bernard spoke of three advents of Christ. The first advent is “that in which He comes to seek and to save the lost.” The third advent is “that… Continue Reading “A is for Advent”

Blogging from A to Z 2019

I’m taking one more go at the April A to Z Challenge — this time using quotes from Thomas Merton and photographs from my stash. What is the A to Z Challenge? Basically, it’s a challenge to post every day except Sundays during the… Continue Reading “Blogging from A to Z 2019”

A Year With Merton

2019 is the year of Encouragement. (I wrote about it here.) 2019 is the year of No Snark. (I decided this after laboring over a response to an upset swim mom in December. She had been rude and unreasonable, so the first things I… Continue Reading “A Year With Merton”