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A Little Bit of Narnia

Yesterday’s sunrise was pink and blue. The day before it was orange and yellow. I take so many pictures of the sunrise. I’ll be at the pool and one the ladies swimming will say, “Ooh! Sally! Get your camera!” I’ll grab my phone and… Continue Reading “A Little Bit of Narnia”

Another Sunrise Post

Laurel and I left before the crack of dawn for a swim meet this morning. As we came over the top of Murphy Hill, I caught my first glimpse of the eastern horizon. “That’s going to be a beautiful sunrise,” I told her. She… Continue Reading “Another Sunrise Post”

New Every Morning

“I hurried over so you could take a picture,” said Matt, the lifeguard who was taking over for me so I could home. Two weeks of working together and he’s got me figured out. How many times has he heard me say, “I need… Continue Reading “New Every Morning”

Sunset – Sunrise

Last night, I picked Mary up at 8:30. She had to work late because of induction weekend. Everywhere in Cooperstown, it’s all hands on deck. On the way home, I kept saying, “Look at that sunset!” It was red and orange and gorgeous. She… Continue Reading “Sunset – Sunrise”