Sunset – Sunrise

Last night, I picked Mary up at 8:30. She had to work late because of induction weekend. Everywhere in Cooperstown, it’s all hands on deck.

On the way home, I kept saying, “Look at that sunset!” It was red and orange and gorgeous.

She dutifully looked and agreed.

Then I said it again.


When we pulled in the driveway, I said, “I can’t stand it. I have to take a picture of it.”

“Sunset photograph number four-thousand-six-hundred-and-fifty-three,” Mary said. She knows me well.

I snapped this shot on my phone.

“Dang,” I said. “The colors are never right.”

“You can focus it, you know,” Mary told me.

No, I didn’t know.

She took my phone/camera, pointed it at the sunset, tapped the screen on the sunset itself, and took this picture.

Yes, that was closer to the colors. Still not the same as being there — but definitely closer.

This morning the sunrise was ridiculous. I couldn’t stop looking at it.

“I can’t stand it,” I said to myself. “I have to take a picture.”

In my head I heard, Sunrise photo number five-thousand-four-hundred-and-sixty-two. Someone somewhere was laughing at me.

First shot:

Not terribly exciting.

I tried the Mary-technique and tapped the screen, focusing on the colors of the sunrise.

So much better.

Thank you, Mary.

Sometimes it’s possible to teach an old person a new trick.

6 Comments on “Sunset – Sunrise

  1. I had no idea …. thank you Mary! And thank you Sally for sharing that beautiful sky ☺

    • Obviously, I didn’t either. Sometimes my children give me the exasperated I-can’t-believe-don’t-know-this eyeroll — but I really do know a thing or two, just not about technology.

  2. I get more sunset shots than sunrise photos, especially at this time of year. It’s never the same way twice. Some I post in the blog, some are just for me.

  3. I have not quite as many photographs of sunrise/sunset, but still. They take my breath and call me to gratitude.

  4. I am so glad to know I’m not the only one who does this! lol I think I have Full Moon picture #8695 as my most recent pic, hahaha!

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