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C is for Community

There is a world of difference between a community and a crowd. Thomas Merton, The Silent Life People often comment on the size of our family — “That’s a crowd!” But the truth is that family can be the very best of community, united… Continue Reading “C is for Community”


I took part in the Rabbit Room gift exchange this year. Below is a letter for the person whose name I drew. Dear Rabbit Room Gift Exchange person, I am so so sorry. Spoiler alert: I bought a Baseball Hall of Fame cap for… Continue Reading “Important”

My Rabbit Problem

I didn’t pause — that’s the problem.¬†Yesterday I bought more rabbits. Whenever¬†I walk into Target, I pick up rabbits. Fortunately, I have to drive an hour to the nearest Target. Unfortunately, every time I’m in a city, I head to the nearest Target. My… Continue Reading “My Rabbit Problem”