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Happy Memories

A lifelong blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together.

Charlotte Kasl
All my children (at Helen’s wedding – 2022)
All my children to this point (1999)
All my children — except the oldest who was away at college (2003)
All my children — plus a daughter-in-law (2015)
Half of my children (2015)
Two of my children (2010?)
All my children (again) kicking up their heels (sort of) (2022)

Trying to find photographs of all my children proved tougher than I thought! However, I’m pretty sure they would all agree that they have plenty of happy memories together!

Blogging Challenge

Brian Doyle

Dear Kim,

In the spirit of Brian Doyle, I’m writing one long run-on sentence for you because the prompt is One-Liner Wednesday and Brian Doyle wrote masterful lengthy run-on sentences which I have enjoyed so much that I decided to read as many Brian Doyle books in 2022 as I can, focusing on Brian Doyle, the Catholic American writer (even though I’m not a Catholic), not Brian Doyle, the Canadian children’s book writer, although in my ordering frenzy I did end up with one of his books and I’ve always liked children’s books so I may read it too.



My current collection of Brian Doyle books