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Lenten Rabbits

Five years ago for Lent, I carried a rabbit in my pocket as a tool for mindfulness. I wanted to remember that people are often smiling on the outside but hurting on the inside. I know, I know — this may not make much… Continue Reading “Lenten Rabbits”

(not) Insignificant

A few weeks ago, when Texas had their devastating freeze, I listened to a news story about all the people impacted by the loss of crops. The farmers suffered the most obvious loss. The consumers would feel it, without their leafy greens in the… Continue Reading “(not) Insignificant”

Lent 2018

My sister messaged me yesterday, “…about Tuga… has he returned to your pocket, or was he so last year?” Tuga, the little brown bunny who stayed in my pocket for Lent 2017 as a reminder of the sorrow in the world, is not so… Continue Reading “Lent 2018”

The Journey of Tuga and Aleluja — part one

Part One of what I tried to say in church: This past Lent I carried a little brown rabbit in my pocket every day. I named him Tuga, the Bosnian word for sorrow. His purpose was to remind me of the season, of the… Continue Reading “The Journey of Tuga and Aleluja — part one”


While still in my pajamas yesterday morning, I carried the laundry downstairs, holding Tuga in my hand.  His rigid little ears poked into my fingers and palm. I tried to shift him to a better spot but it was impossible to carry the basket… Continue Reading “Discomfort”

Lessons from Tuga

“I suppose I should take a picture of you,” I said to Tuga, pulling him out of my pocket yesterday while I walked around town. He said nothing, which felt almost like a dare. I dare you to take pictures of a plastic rabbit.… Continue Reading “Lessons from Tuga”

Tuga and Aleluja

A few months ago I made an impulse buy at Target — two plastic rabbits. I set them on my bookshelf to remind me of my “rabbit” friends — an affectionate term for the people I know through The Rabbit Room and Hutchmoot (tickets go… Continue Reading “Tuga and Aleluja”

The Last Hallelujah

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Three years ago, Ash Wednesday began with an early phone call from my sister telling me that my brother had died unexpectedly. It brought a whole new depth to “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Now the two events are… Continue Reading “The Last Hallelujah”

Ash Wednesday

It was an ominous way to begin Lent. An early morning phone call let me know that my oldest brother, Stewart, had passed away from a heart attack. And I stood in the kitchen, and I stared at the wall And I prayed for… Continue Reading “Ash Wednesday”