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H is for Hurry

Hurry ruins saints as well as artists. Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation


Yesterday we had a guest preacher, a woman from a nearby city. When she called the children forward for the children’s sermon, two school-age boys and one toddler girl came forward. The little girl was delightfully in her own world, jabbering and clapping her… Continue Reading “Amen”


I wrote this back in November 2013. I had been sorely disappointed with a concert I had gone to with Mary. Too much glitz, not enough real. To be honest, I had forgotten a lot of the details of that evening until I reread… Continue Reading “Disappointment”

Best Numbers and Peas

“Hey, Mom, do you know what the best number is?” Karl asked this at dinner because we were discussing numbers. For the record, I did not know what the best number was, nor did I even know there was a best number. I mean,… Continue Reading “Best Numbers and Peas”


Karl placed 2nd in Class C tennis doubles at sectionals. SECOND! A great finish for my soccer-playing boy and his soccer-playing partner. Last week, we had spent a sunshiny day on a Pennsylvania mountain for round one of sectionals. That was the day both… Continue Reading “Laughter”