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The Benefits of Rust

Remember when I said I would be rusty trying to write again? I was feeling that rust this morning as it seized up my writing gears. Today I wrote a whole post, deleted half of it, wrote a little more, made a meme, considered dropping the whole thing… Continue Reading “The Benefits of Rust”

Moving On

“He was my mentor,” she said to me as she gave me a hug. “If there’s anything — really anything — I can do, don’t hesitate to call.” She was a woman doctor, a little older than me, who had known my father for… Continue Reading “Moving On”


I have a little troll who likes to visit me; The pleasure that he gets from it is more than I can see. He crawls out nearly monthly, from underneath his rock, And writes a little comment full of unkind ugly talk. I’ve tried to… Continue Reading “Trolls”

Love in Action

L is for Love in Action. Well did Monty Python choose a rabbit — the Rabbit of Caerbannog — to protect. The retreat at Laity Lodge was put on by the Rabbit Room, an online community modeled after Lewis and Tolkien’s Inkling community that… Continue Reading “Love in Action”