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The Last Page

Here’s an author’s perspective: We work REALLY hard to tell a story in a certain way–we edit and re-edit and agonize over what parts to tell in what order, because the *way* the story unfolds is integral to the story itself. And the ending–specifically… Continue Reading “The Last Page”

A Run With Andrew Peterson and Friends

Laurel told me something about wearing exercise clothes making you want to exercise, so I bought the uniform of the runner — leggings — and it sort of works. Once I put them on, I feel like I’ve made the commitment to run. This… Continue Reading “A Run With Andrew Peterson and Friends”


V is for Vulture. We’re getting to the end of this alphabet challenge and I’m starting to feel punchy. I thought about posting my picture┬átaken at Laity Lodge of a turkey vulture and then accompanying it with vulture jokes. But when I started looking… Continue Reading “Vulture”


C is for concert. Music weaves its way through the fabric of the days at Laity Lodge. The sessions begin and end with song, usually old hymns for which the hymnbook may only be half-necessary. Like the time we sang, “Shall We Gather at… Continue Reading “Concert”

Ash Wednesday

It was an ominous way to begin Lent. An early morning phone call let me know that my oldest brother, Stewart, had passed away from a heart attack. And I stood in the kitchen, and I stared at the wall And I prayed for… Continue Reading “Ash Wednesday”