Stream of Consciousness Blather

True story: I’m overwhelmed, overanxious, overtired and pretty much over this post every day business.

This morning, from my tiny room in an AirBnB with questionable internet, I wrote a 700+ word post baring my soul about some of my over-anxiety and overwhelmed-ness.

Then, my daughter messaged me. She was ready to be picked up from her college dorm so we could drop a few more things in the storage unit before we began the long drive home. I quickly read through my stream-of-consciousness blather, added a few tags, and hit “Publish.” The spinny-thing started spinning.

It gave me a minute to read through it all again. Whew! That’s pretty raw! I thought, but I had already hit “Publish.” Too late. But the spinny-thing was still spinning.

I brought my stuff to the car — everything except my computer, that is. I came back in to check on the status of my post. Had it published? Well, the spinny-thing was still spinning.

I stared at it, re-read the post, thought Oof! I don’t know how this person or that person will react to it!

I used the bathroom — I had a long drive ahead of me. I checked the computer. Guess what? Yep, the spinny-thing was still spinning.

Okay, time to reload, I thought. I hit the reload button.

“Changes you made may not be saved,”my computer said.

I decided to take my chances. I hit reload again.

Everything disappeared.


I’m pretty sure that sometimes technology errors save us from ourselves.

I drove 9 hours and thought about that more than once. Some things are best kept private.

Life is still overwhelming and I’m still overanxious. I’m definitely overtired.

But I’ll keep plugging away at posting every day.

Thanks for sticking with me.

5 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Blather

  1. I’m right there with you in the anxiety of posting every day. I decided to join the ranks of posting daily this year. I admire those bloggers who have been posting daily for far longer than I have…years in fact…and I’m on day 132(?). It’s not been one of my better decisions. I’m plugging away, but I struggle with what to write about.

  2. Sometimes life’s hiccups, delays, and detours do save us from ourselves or prevent us from being in a worse situation. Its hard to keep that in mind sometimes in the moment, however! I hope you can find a spot of peace to rest and recharge 💞💞💞

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