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Best of 2017

Every year is filled with ups and downs, unexpected trials and undeserved mercies.

My favorite time in 2017, was the week in May when my brother, my sister and her husband, and my husband and I all traveled with my father to tour Normandy and Paris. The picture is of Bud and me in the Eiffel Tower. Our time together is so limited. Having a whole week together was amazing.

My second favorite time was this, learning to shred cabbage the Bosnian way.

I love my home, but traveling sure was fun. I may have to do it again in 50 years.

Merry Christmas everyone. Looking forward to the adventures of 2018.

4 thoughts on “Best of 2017

  1. This post strikes me on so many levels. I have just returned from four days in Paris. It was necessary business and I was on my own except for the dog. And as most days I missed my husband (who I have been fortunate to spend quite a lot of time in Paris with, by the way, so this is not a sympathy comb!). But I do understand the preciousness of being together and I am so glad you had the opportunity in Paris and Normandy this year. And the giving. Your trip to Bosnia sticks with me as a high point in my own year and got me to thinking a month ago when I knew for certain that this Christmas would be on my own. So I am helping at the City Christmas Eve dinner for the old and lonely. And I am really looking forward to it. I will collect three and take them in my car and then I will serve dinner and try to be entertaining which will doubtless involve games I have never heard of and dancing the polka which I will do badly but the fact is that I can try. And that is what I get so often from you. The ability to see outside of your own hardship (and your life is not easy, really it is not) and still give. That is the true Christmas spirit. That should be the spirit of every single day we are graced to draw breath. I wish you the best of the season, I wish the best of every day and I thank you for being part of my life. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

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