Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee, I sure would like it to be a better cup of coffee than what I got at the hotel free breakfast this morning. It was hot, I’ll give it that, but it had no flavor. Lousy coffee is a small inconvenience, though, for spending the weekend with my daughter.

I guess I’ve gotten used to drinking good coffee made from freshly ground beans. I’ve turned into a coffee snob.

My mother drank instant coffee. Whenever I served her coffee from my drip coffee maker, she would wrinkle her nose and comment on how bitter it tasted. I never thought it was bitter, but maybe that’s because, in those days, I also added plenty of cream and sugar.

My mother drank her coffee black. Her Maxwell House or Folgers. Instant. Decaf. Yuck. I mean, what’s the point?

I’m still not a black coffee drinker, but I have stopped adding sugar. Freshly ground coffee bean coffee doesn’t need sugar.

I’m not sure sugar could have helped this morning’s coffee.

On my way to the pool for the swim meet this morning, I passed a Dunkin’ Donuts. That would be a step up from hotel coffee. Tomorrow, I’ll swing through there.

Today at the meet one of the other officials talked about how he had given up coffee for Lent.

“I don’t think I could do that,” said another official. “That would be too hard.”

The coffee-giver-upper said, “That’s the whole point. You’re not supposed to do something that’s easy.”

I touched my pocket where I could feel Tuga, my little plastic bunny. Had I taken the easy way out, I wondered.


Or maybe I’m not ready to tackle giving up coffee.

Besides, then I couldn’t participate in the weekend coffee share.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. No, you did not take the easy way out. You took on something I think God directed you to do. It’s not just you being mindful of the sorrow in others, you’re inspiring others to do the same. Isn’t that what Jesus wanted?

  2. My mother loved coffee, but drank the instant stuff as well, which I thought was horrid. Maybe it’s a generational thing, obviously the stuff sells so some people must enjoy it.

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