Tremble: a Lenten reflection (part 2 of 2)

I saw a question the other day — I don’t remember exactly where — “What is your favorite blog post?”

What an impossible question, I thought, but my mind immediately went to a post by a friend.

Of all the gazillion blog posts in the world, this one is my favorite.

Cords of Light

I love aspen trees. When I was a child, my dad often traveled on business and came home with gifts for us. I have abalone jewelry from New Zealand, traditional clothing from India, and coins and pottery from Guatemala. But one of my favorite keepsakes came from a place much less exotic.

When I was eight or nine, my dad came home from Colorado with an aspen leaf pendant for me and each of my sisters. Nothing flashy, just little rust-colored leaves preserved inside a clear coating and dangling from golden chains.

Aspen leaf pendant The necklace my dad gave me

I had never seen an aspen tree, so the gift didn’t initially hold any particular significance for me. It was pretty, and it was from my father. I liked it.

But it came to mean something altogether different to me when I was 11, and my father took us to the aspens.


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