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When I first laid eyes on Joseph Zupnik three and a half years ago, he was late for the Family Council meeting at my mother’s nursing home, Focus Otsego. “LATE!” I jotted into my little notebook. Not a good first impression. He walked in… Continue Reading “Guilty”

Unsung and Under-appreciated

That morning, I had taken my father to a doctor’s appointment. When we got back to the house, the answering machine was flashing. The message was from the nursing home. “Please call.” My mother had had an incident. She was being taken to the… Continue Reading “Unsung and Under-appreciated”


About once a week I still try to go see I-can-do-it Mary. I wrote about her in “I Can Do It” and Leave Me Alone. My father likes visiting people at the nursing home so I drive him over. While he’s visiting Linda, the lady who cuts… Continue Reading “Mary”