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Walter Brueggemann, in his book “Sabbath as Resistance”, referred to the idea of “seven”-ing our lives. “People who keep Sabbath live all seven days differently,” he said. I decided that 2018 will be my Sabbath year. Each week, I hope to reclaim the Sabbath by… Continue Reading “Sabbatical”

Augur’s Bookstore

Below is a semi-updated post from January 1, 2014: New Year’s Day is like the back room at the old Augur’s Bookstore In Cooperstown, on the corner of Pioneer and Main, is a bookstore.  Well, it used to be a bookstore.  They still sell… Continue Reading “Augur’s Bookstore”

The Gift

’twas nine days before Christmas and my throat was so sore my muscles so achy I couldn’t ignore So I drove to a walk-in and waited a bit before being ushered to a new place to sit With my butt on blue vinyl and… Continue Reading “The Gift”